3rd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum

14.05.2019 09:00
- 16.05.2019 18:00
Photo: Pixabay (brightfreak)

Öland, Gotland, the Åland Islands, the National Association for the Swedish Archipelago, the National Association of Finnish Islands, and the Clean Energy For EU Islands Secretariat invite you to the 3rd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum in Stockholm and Mariehamn from 14-16 May 2019.


Practical Information

The forum will focus on practical steps towards the decarbonisation of EU islands, including technological solutions and inspiring examples from the Nordic archipelago, Åland, Gotland and Öland and beyond. Discussions will involve all layers of governance, from local to European levels of decision-making.

To strengthen the exchange and collaboration between EU islands, the forum will feature interactive sessions focusing on different elements of the clean energy transition journey - from establishing an initial multi-stakeholder collaboration, to developing a clean energy transition agenda, to financing and investment concepts.

All stakeholders related to the clean energy transition on EU islands are invited to Stockholm and the Åland islands to meet

  • The 26 islands selected for support of their clean energy transition agenda
  • Providers of key technologies for the clean energy transition on EU islands
  • The islands and archipelago hosts in the Baltic Sea bridging the Gulf of Botnia
  • The first passenger ship of its size that runs on liquified gas - a floating conference venue
  • Esteemed decision makers ranging from the local to the international level

We look forward to seeing you for more in depth discussions on the decarbonisation of EU islands in May!

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat is an initiative on behalf of the European Commission.