Capacity-building workshop on La Palma (Spain)

27.09.2019 10:00
- 28.09.2019 18:00
La Palma, Spain

La Palma Renovable, Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat
La Palma Observatory (Photo: Andrew-Art, Pixabay)

On 27-28 September, the island of La Palma will host a cross-sectoral energy transition workshop to define its Clean Energy Transition Agenda in its capital Santa Cruz de La Palma. 

Leading up to the cross-sectoral workshop, the transition team of La Palma Renovable has been organising small workshops for specific sectors over the past few weeks, whose representatives will all join together to develop the island's Clean Energy Transition Agenda on 27-28 September. Each workshop included a climate emergency simulation to help the participants imagine how La Palma could organise itself independently of external resources.

The capacity-building workshop will focus around a co-development exercise to design the island's transition agenda. This exercise will be facilitated using the ClimateView tool, which will lead to a visual representation of the island's transition agenda that includes concrete steps and measures. 

The workshop coincides with Global Climate Week, and participants will join the island's climate strike on 27 September.


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