Capacity-building workshop in Greece

05.04.2019 08:30
- 18:00
Harbour (Pixabay, rawenergy)

The Secretariat's second capacity-building workshop aims to inform and strengthen Greek island communities wanting to advance their transition to clean energy sources. The workshop is aimed at organizations and individuals working on the energy transition in Greek islands, and those who would like to get involved. Participants can come from different stakeholder groups, including citizens, local authorities, island businesses, academics or educators.


The workshop will cover the following questions:

  • How can the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat support Greek islands?
  • What is the institutional and technical framework for the clean energy transition on Greek islands?
  • What is the role of citizens in the clean energy transition?
  • What kinds of projects can be developed with the cooperation of municipalities and energy communities?
  • What are the funding opportunities?
  • What are some good practices for sustainable mobility on islands?


Final Agenda (Greek)

The Secretariat provides an interconnection platform for the European Union's island communities, with a view to bringing them together, exchanging experiences and good practices, sharing their stories, and gaining access to experts to provide assistance for the transition to clean forms of energy.