The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat was created to facilitate the clean energy transition on EU islands from the bottom up. It is built on the vision that a balanced collaboration between public and private stakeholders is essential to ensure the best environment for change, and to benefit all members of the island communities. For this reason, the Secretariat is using the quadruple helix approach, helping

eu islands stakeholer - citizens, local authorities, businesses, academia

work together to advance the clean energy transition on their island in the areas of

  • Energy Production
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Transport on the Island
  • Transport to and from the Island
  • Circular Economy


The Secretariat is based on the premise that  the clean energy transition can only happen when

  • Local needs are clearly understood and met
  • Different stakeholder groups manage to work together
  • Governance issues and blockages preventing the clean energy transition are addressed


To this end, together with the island community, the Secretariat will provide a platform for exchange and shared learning on the clean energy transition of EU islands. This platform will be launched within the first year of the Secretariat's inception.