NESOI report: Critical Technologies for Islands’ Energy Transition

Published on 19.07.2021
NESOI report

After last year's co-creation survey conducted by NESOI, islands began to carry out technology scouting to identify the critical technologies that could boost the energy transition in islands. These technologies can also be promoted on the NESOI platform and used to identify relevant stakeholders for investments in energy related projects on islands. On this basis NESOI partners wrote a report on critical technologies for island's energy transition that was published on July 13. 

In the analysis of the results of the survey, critical technoloigies were organised into clusters according to the main areas of application or intervention. Each of these technology clusters was analyzed through a scenario analysis, depicting main trends regarding patent literature, geographical areas of interest and main players. The identified clusters are renewable electric generation, thermal energy renewable technologies, electric mobility, upgrade / efficiency of local public assets, building retrofitting, storage technologies, and low carbon heating and cooling technologies.

If you want to find out more about the methodology and aims of the report, read this summary

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