Project Support

The Clean Energy for EU Islands provides project-related support to islands in two main ways:

cetasSupport to the development of Clean Energy Transition Agendas

The Secretariat is working with the 20 pioneering islands, spread over 10 European countries, on the development of their Clean Energy Transition Agendas (CETAs).

Building on the lessons learnt with the pilot islands - who published their CETAs in November 2019 - the pioneering islands are currently developing their strategic plans to start (or to continue) with the clean energy transition while involving the main stakeholders on the island. The Secretariat is collaborating with all pioneering islands by steering the writing process and providing methodological and technical guidance.

The aim is to publish the CETAs of the pioneering islands in summer 2020.



Photo: seagul (Pixabay)

Project-specific support

Thirty islands have been selected by the EU Islands Secretariat for Project Specific Support. The chosen projects range from identification to pre-development phases and

cover topics like solar  and wind power, renewable energy potential, buildings, grids, financing, etc. The Secretariat is closely working with these islands to provide technical and financial assistance to so as to bring these specific projects closer to the final development phase.

The following projects are currently being supported by the EU Islands Secretariat:



Solar Power

Marie-Galante (FR)
Culatra (PT)
Korcula (HR)
Capraia (IT)

Pianosa (IT)




Kythira (GR)
Spetses (GR)
Mallorca (ES)
Menorca (ES)

Bere (IE)



RES Potential

Dugi Otok (HR)
Connemara (IE)
Fur (DK)
Salina (IT)
Gorgona (IT)
Off grid Scottish
islands (UK)

Cres-Losinj (HR)



Wind Power

Aran Islands (IE)
Valentia (IE)
Cape Clear (IE)

Salina (IT)




La Palma (ES)
Zirje (HR)
Azores (PT)




Cyprus (CY)
Curaçao (NL)
Kassos (GR)