Who we are

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat is an initiative on behalf of the European Commission aimed at catalysing the clean energy transition on EU Islands.
The Secretariat is  managed by Climate Alliance, REScoop.eu and 3E, and collaborates with a wide range of local stakeholders, authorities, academia and citizens. Our work will be carried out in close collaboration with local, regional, national and international partners, with particular support from the Technical Educational Institute of Crete, the University of the Balearic Islands, and the Aeroe Energy and Environment Office.

The Team

Jeppe Jensen

Jeppe Jensen

Jeppe coordinates the Secretariat's activities. Having worked on strengthening local climate action in the EU and beyond for over ten years, he is now bringing his experience in building networks from the bottom up to the EU's island communities. Jeppe speaks Danish, English, German and Swedish.


Antonia Proka

Antonia Proka

Antonia's role in the Secretariat spans from coordination to methodological support for the energy transition. She is happy to build on her broad expertise in the (self-)organisation of different types of renewable energy initiatives, and put it at the service of advancing a sustainable and just energy transition in EU island communities. Antonia speaks Greek, English, Spanish, Dutch and (some) French.


Patrizia Belardi

Patrizia Belardi

Patrizia is the administrative and project assistant for the Secretariat team. With many years' experience in international working environments, she is happy to put her strong organizational skills to the service of the clean energy transition on EU islands. Patrizia speaks Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish, French and German.


Carlos Guerrero

Carlos Guerrero

Carlos coordinates the technical support of the Secretariat. He joins the team with ten years' experience in sustainable energy project development with a focus on early-stage project identification, and in climate finance. He is enthusiastic about bringing technological innovation to islands to spur their clean energy transition. Carlos speaks Spanish, English.


Simon de Clercq

Simon de Clercq

Simon is part of the technical support of the Secretariat and provides guidance to islands on developing their clean energy transition agenda. Simon has a background in renewable energy technologies with a focus on regulatory and market concepts. He is believer in islands as frontrunners in the transformation of energy systems and eager to support island communities with their energy transition. He speaks Dutch, English, French and Spanish. 


Maja Jurisic

Maja Jurisic

Maja is responsible for capacity-building within the Secretariat. After a long career in project management, she moved to the island of Solta in Croatia 5 years ago and established Island Movement - a virtual platform for the sustainable development of Croatian islands. The aim of her work is to support development of local island communities, to build their capacities and to strengthen the network of islanders. Maja speaks Croatian and English.



Myriam Castanié

Myriam manages the external communications for the Secretariat. She joins the team with four years' experience in strategic communications on European and international climate and energy issues, and is excited to be supporting island communities across Europe in their clean energy transition. Myriam speaks German, French, English and Spanish.


Daan Creupelandt

Daan Creupelandt

Daan supports the Secretariat in an advisory role. He has strong expertise in cooperative business models, community engagement, collaboration with local authorities and financing models for renewable energy, energy efficiency and shared e-mobility projects. Daan speaks Dutch, French and English.



Marie Angot

Marie is part of the technical support of the Secretariat and coordinates the Project Support applications. She has a background in renewable energy technologies, with a focus on wind resource assessment from early-stage project identification to a more mature stage of the project. Marie is keen to propose the best possible and most appropriate solutions to stimulate the use of renewable energies in the islands. She speaks French, English and (some) Dutch.



Nina Ortiz

Nina is part of the technical support of the Secretariat and provides guidance to islands on developing their clean energy transition agenda. She has a background in renewable energy technologies, with a focus on sustainability in buildings and in sustainable energy management. Nina is eager to actively support islands to move forward with their energy transition. She speaks French, English and Spanish.



Marina Montero Carrero

Marina is part of the technical support of the Secretariat and helps islands with the technical aspects of their clean energy transition. With eight years' experience in sustainable technologies, energy economics and policy, she strongly believes in the potential of islands to lead on the switch to clean energy. Marina speaks Spanish, English, French and (some) German.


Associated Partners



The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) has been working for the last four decades in several fields related to climate change and the energy transition. In 2018, the UIB was admitted as an observer organisation to the UNFCCC and created the Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC UIB) which brings together more than 60 researchers from many different fields such as physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, geography, education, economy, philosophy and law.

UIB and LINCC are an Associated Partner to the Secretariat of the Clean Energy for EU Islands and provide Spanish islands with support in their process of defining their transition agendas.



Hellenic Mediterranean University

The Hellenic Mediterranean University's Department of Mechanical Engineering has extensive experience in the development and research of advanced power plants for electricity or thermal energy production, combining R.E.S. and storage technologies, co-generation systems, carrying out impact assessments and contributing to the social and economic development of rural communities.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is an Associated partner with the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, providing support on technical issues, as well as the collection of data on the existing energy status in EU islands and their perspectives towards the integration of their energy transition.



Aeroe Energy & Environment Office

Ærø Energy- and Environment Office is a local association which aims to promote renewable energy (RE) and sustainable ways of living. Since the early '80s, Ærø Energy- and Environment Office has been educating people on renewable energy and energy savings, insulation and heat vision campaigns, grant requests, planning of energy projects and helped start the local production of wind turbines and solar panels.

The Ærø Energy- and Environment Office is an Associated partner with the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, providing project-specific support to EU islands.